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  • Data Published: 10 January 2015
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When Ada, the mortician's wife, killed him, instead of following the light to everlasting life he chose to remain within the walls of the old mortuary, tormenting first Ada, then every other person who dared to make the building their home. Upon her death, Ada left the building and all of its contents to her dearest friend, Emily, trusting her to find a way to protect others from her husband's vicious soul. Emily's first reaction to the fateful legacy she had inherited was to try to forget the building even existed. Unfortunately, it called out to others, intriguing them to try their luck and make it into their home, with dire results. Against her better judgment Emily agreed to sell the mortuary to a young couple who wanted to turn it into a bed-and-breakfast. But only if they allowed her to strip away everything that Horace might have touched while living there. First, she destroyed the furniture that still stood in his former bedroom. She then took every garment that hung in his closet, doubled bagged them and sent them off to the county dump with explicit instructions that none of the bags was to be opened. With his curiosity piqued, the man she entrusted with Horace's belongings could not resist looking into one of the bags. There, laying at the very top, was a vintage man's leather jacket, far too special to be thrown away. There was no way the man could have known the jacket he rescued from the dump contained the spirit of one of the most evil men who ever lived. That whoever wore the jacket risked trading souls with one of the most evil men who ever lived.

About Maralee Lowder

Soon after moving to Dunsmuir, CA, a small city in the northernmost county of California, she became intrigued by an old building that had once been a mortuary. As is often the case with abandoned mortuaries, stories of the building being haunted were abundant. She wondered if the stories could be true...and if they were, who was it that refused to leave the old mortuary? Those questions lead her to write The Mortician's Wife, a fictional tale of wifely abuse and the wife's inspired revenge. That first book lead to another, The Mortician's Revenge, which lead to The Mortician's Legacy. Always interested in ghosts, Maralee was not surprised to discover that the old mortuary was indeed a very haunted house. The more she learned of the true hauntings, the more she was lead to write The Mortician's Legacy. She is now in the process of writing The Mortician's Law, the fourth and last book of The Mortician Series, which is scheduled to be released in October, 2015.


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