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To understand globalized law it is necessary to bring together insights gained from disparate strands of study: international political economy, economic law, human rights law, and the law of war. Focusing on WTO, the UN, the World Bank, and the IMF, Globalization and Law shows how their legal and regulatory regimes are linked to the politics of world markets. It also looks at the operation of law and economy at a national level where globalized law can be seen in action. Chapters consider the politics of oil and human rights in Nigeria, and the invasion and 'reconstruction' of Iraq. Other broad themes are also examined. Looking at the fate of people in the third world who are the subjects of economic development and development law, we can bring to light the power relationships and ideologies that are attendant on the development project. In conclusion, it is argued that we need to engage with the claims to humanity that lie behind the notion of human rights, the war against terrorism and military intervention. Globalized law raises fraught questions about the role of international regimes and the interests and values in whose name they claim to operate.

About Adam Gearey

Adam Gearey is a senior lecturer in law at Birkbeck College, University of London.


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