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Marta is unhappy. For quietly aloof Gregory and his sister Janet, Marta, with her thick Ukrainian accent, her good cooking, and her stories, is the anchor of the house. Mother and Father, both busy architects, are gone all day and sometimes at night. Marta is always there- and the children, sensing her unhappiness, do not want her to go away. When they find out that Marta desires a "good place" in the kitchen, nine-year-old Gregory, with precocious young Janet in tow, sets out to find her a Ukrainian icon in busy, modern London. Master storyteller Rumer Godden deftly brings to life a portrait of a lonely boy discovering the creative power of love.

About Rumer Godden

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    10 March 2016

    I would love to receive this during the period of Lent and thereafter too, because am very much involved in spiritual development for self and for others. This could be of tremendous value to me. Thank you and God bless you.

    3 February 2016

    You know what I realised, I have 4 kids, and they are growing up without me, because I am stuck in a damn prison cell of an office building all day long. So what do I do to Фplay', I make a concsious effort to play with them. Pushing them on a swing, chasing them up the stairs, kicking a football, racing our bikes, building sandcastles, puzzles, baord games, lego, trains, make belief, hide and seek, the list is endless. Nothing, NOTHING takes away my anxiety as quickly or effectively as seeing the smile on my childs face, or hearing them screech with laughter because of my play.

      6 June 2016

      Its has always been a pleasure to read Robin Sharma's writings. His sense of observation in minute details make the reader read farther and farther into the context. He is one of the prominent Indian writers of the 21st century providing people with boosts and (written tonics). I hope you never stop here and keep writing till you've broken the keypad of your laptop!

      8 May 2016

      It takes a little bit of time to produce a book on Lulu, and in particular I can't automate the process. So I'm not providing this. But if you download the Mathgen program, you can run it in "book mode", which is what I used to create the books. It produces a PDF that is correctly formatted for Lulu's 6?9 inch hardcover or paperback formats; you can upload it, pick out a cover, and order as many copies as you like (or as few as 1). (And you can send your own $5.00 to the AMS if you like ???? )

    26 February 2016

    Hope this answers your question!


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