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  • Data Published: 03 September 2015
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By author of the best-sellingContemporary Monologues for Young Actors! Award-winning NYC playwright Douglas M. Parker has created a new volume of refreshing monologues that explores the fantastic side of a young person's imagination. From magical creatures, to time-travel, to life on Mars, Fantasy Monologues for Young Actors offers 52 comedic and heartfelt monologues that will tap into every inch of an actor's creativity. These monologues were created specifically for actors and acting students ages 7-14 and for the teachers, directors and acting coaches who work with them. These monologues feature: A broad range of unique circumstances and emotions: comedic, inspirational, heartfelt, pompous, lonely, curious, etc. Gender-neutral, so every monologue could be performed by a boy or a girl Emotional arcs and strong outcomes to challenge your actors and keep audiences engaged Modern day topics with contemporary language that really relate to kids today Perfect for auditions, as short performance pieces and for use in the classroom Here are two sample monologues from the book: PAIL OF WATER (Your character is either Jack or Jill from the well-known nursery rhyme.) You make one mistake and people never forget it. Seriously. I mean, yeah, Jack [or Jill] and me went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. And, yes, one of us fell down and broke his crown and yeah, yeah, the other one came tumbling after. And no - we did not bring back any water. We did not succeed in our mission. And, if I was to be totally honest, we also lost the bucket. But come on. It wasn't like we went up the hill to save the planet from an alien invasion. There wasn't a baby up there about to be eaten by a bear. It was water. We fell down. We didn't come back with a pail of water. Someone else got up out of their chair, got a bucket, climbed up the hill and fetched a pail of water. Big deal. Life will go on. And just to set the record straight, I am perfectly capable of fetching water. I personally have fetched hundreds of pails of water, both before that incident and after. So has Jack [or Jill]. It was one time. Sheesh. Maybe it's time we all moved on. ONE DAY The less there is of something, the more precious it is. Olive trees can live for two thousand years. Giant tortoises for a hundred and fifty. And us mayflies? Twenty-four hours. How amazing is that? A whole life in a single day. You're born at five in the morning, just as the sun starts to color the sky. You get one sunrise, but it's a moment that lasts almost forever, casting a golden light across your entire childhood. You leave home at six a.m., then spend hours just exploring the world. And you can fly! Think of it - unlimited freedom in a world where every moment is a day and every perfect minute lasts a month. Years of morning light and summer breezes in a single hour. By eight or nine, you've made friendships that will last a lifetime. A passing cloud changes the face of the world. And always, there's more to see, more to do, more to live as you fly high above the water. By three you've fallen in love, and by four you have a family. Soon the sun, which has been with you always, begins to set. That soft, half- forgotten golden light of your childhood returns. Your own children fly away and newer, smaller suns appear as the night surrounds you. And always, so much left to see. So much left to do. For the first time in your life, the air goes still. The moon rises and explodes with a cool, white light. And still, so many hours - so much life - is left. Who knows what strange, new things could happen next? With so much time. So much life. So many possibilities. All in a single day.

About Douglas M Parker

DOUGLAS M. PARKER is an award-winning playwright and lyricist. His works include the musical, "Life on the Mississippi" (book and lyrics), based on Mark Twain's classic autobiographical coming-of-age tale- "BESSIE: The Life and Music of Bessie Smith," based on the rise and fall of the great American blues singer- "Thicker Than Water," a drama based on the Andrea Yates tragedy- "Declarations," a Young Audience historical drama drawn from the letters of John and Abigail Adams from their earliest courtship through the summer of 1776- and "The Private History of a Campaign That Failed," a Young Audience comedy based on Mark Twain's true, humorous memoir of his time as a lieutenant in the Confederacy's least accomplished, most forgotten regiment. He can be reached at


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