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  • Data Published: 05 March 2015
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The day Mark called, Patricia Cowan's world split in two. The phone call. His question. Her answer. A single word. 'Yes.' 'No.' It is 2015 and Patricia Cowan is very old. 'Confused today' read the notes clipped to the end of her bed. Her childhood, her years at Oxford during the Second World War - those things are solid in her memory. Then that phone call and.her memory splits in two. She was Trish, a housewife and mother of four. She was Pat, a successful travel writer and mother of three. She remembers living her life as both women, so very clearly. Which memory is real - or are both just tricks of time and light? My Real Children is the story of both of Patricia Cowan's lives - each with its loves and losses, sorrows and triumphs, its possible consequences. It is a novel about how every life means the entire world.

About Jo Walton

Jo Walton has published nine previous novels, one essay collection and three poetry collections. She won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2002, the World Fantasy Award in 2004, and the Hugo and Nebula awards in 2012 for Among Others. She comes from Wales but lives in Montreal. She writes science fiction and fantasy, reads a lot, talks about books and eats great food. It worries her slightly that this is exactly what she always wanted to do when she grew up.


    02 January 2016

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    16 June 2016

    How do I purchase this album right now? Online anywhere? Thank you! Rebecah

      11 March 2016

      I'm not sure email would be too effective since they will want to see the book. Your best bet is to mail a sample copy to each manager. good luck!

      27 January 2016

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    28 January 2016

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for your detailed reply.


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