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  • Publisher: Futura Publications
  • Data Published: 07 July 2011
  • ISBN: 0708867456
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The art of murder knows many forms, but few are more harrowing than murder committed for reasons of the supernatural or for ritual purposes. Supposedly serving a higher cause, they are often little more than self-gratifying acts to satisfy a blood-lust. VOODOO KILLERS chronicles the disturbing history of ritualistic killing around the world, with shocking examples of human sacrifice from past and present, voodoo hexes, sexual slavery and satanic murder. It is a history that incorporates vampires, serial killers, rapists and kidnappers as well as practitioners of institutionalised killing such as the Aztec high priests and Spanish Inquisitors who murdered in the name of religion. Murder does not come much worse than this - premeditated, organised, ritualised and, in the past, accepted as permissible. The Voodoo Killers stand alone in the annals of horror.

About Joseph Carlson

Joseph Carlson was born in New York, the son of migrant Swedish parents. In New Orleans he acquired a fascination for the cult of voodoo. He joined the Army for a short while, then began working as a private investigator while pursuing crime writing.


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