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It's easy to get hooked on the story in Sharon Lamhut Willen's no-holds-barred memoir because skillfully told anecdotes take readers careening with her and her husband on the roller coaster ride they took as she battled end-stage non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and, in the process of saving her life, redirected their perspective and repaired their relationship. Imagine the worst mid-life crisis ever - losing your job, feeling your marriage teetering, and-if that was not enough-being leveled by the childhood disease you thought had been conquered decades before. Imagine going from planning a cruise through the Galapagos to carrying toilet cushions into public bathrooms, from dreams of career success to nightmares of floods and destruction. And then imagine the road back from your near death experience - going from measuring every morsel of food that crosses your lips to eating croissants and chocolate pudding with abandon, from being caught in the web of co-addiction to being a fulfilled partner in a truly healthy relationship, from a depressed "what now?" to an enthusiastic "what's next?" The insights and practical resources Willen offers on coping with terminal disease and the process of organ distribution will be immensely helpful to would-be transplant recipients. Her generously shared personal reflections reveal the intelligence and humor she brought to bear while nurturing connections with the "angel guides" she credits with saving her life. Together, these serve as powerful models for anyone facing life's challenges and transitions. A worthwhile read for anyone who has ever asked, "Why me?," "What now?" and "Can I handle this?" "Sharon is definitely 'Not Done Yet...' as shared in this inspiring and faith based story of her not just surviving but truly thriving with the gift of a donated liver. Filled with practical advice for those who follow with their own medical challenges, her testimony is rich in lived life experiences that will give much needed hope for her readers." - Jim Gleason, 20 year heart transplant recipient, president of TRIO (Transplant Recipients International Organization), and author of "A Gift from the Heart."

About Sharon Lamhut Willen

For more than two decades Sharon Lamhut Willen applied her skills to helping others as an educator, human resource development consultant, life coach, and community builder. Today she is "living a life of joy, creativity, and community service" near Asheville, North Carolina with her husband, Michael, and their cairn terrier, Chelsea, "who is the real Mistress of the Manor." Her previous books include "The New Woman Manager," "How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be," and "What to Do When It Happens." Her articles have appeared in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Training, and New Choices Magazine.


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