The Joy of Being 50

Baby-boomers will be turning 50 at the rate of every seven seconds for the next 16 years. but very few will be celebrating..

Greek Waters Pilot

Greek Waters Pilot is the definitive cruising guide to the coasts and islands of Greece. It covers the entire area from the Ionian Islands to the Aegean..

Above the Fray

"When it's cloudy in the pulpit. it's foggy in the pew."Your company's success begins with clarity. . .clarity of vision. of purpose and of planning. As the company's leader..

Haunted Air

The roots of Hallowe'en lie in the ancient pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain. a feast to mark the death of the old year and the birth of the new..

A Particular Cow

When a particular cow goes for her particular morning walk. usually nothing happens. Until one particular Saturday ..

Princess of the Silver Woods

When Petunia. the youngest of King Gregor's twelve dancing daughters. is invited to visit an elderly friend in the neighboring country of Westfalin. she welcomes the change of scenery..

Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs is award-winning pet photographer Seth Casteel's exploration of the world of man's best friend. Whether they are swimming. diving. fetching or exploring below the water's surface..

Dream Eyes

Gwen Frazier is no stranger to ghosts. She sees them in pools of water. windows. mirrors any reflective surface at the scene of violent deaths..

Pioneer Woman Cooks

The Pioneer Woman Cooks is a homespun collection of photography. rural stories. and scrumptious recipes that have defined my experience in the country..

Mandarin Parallel New Testament-PR-CSB/Cuv

For the enormous worldwide Chinese population (1.3 billion people). the Mandarin CSB/CUV Parallel New Testament. Black Bonded Leather pairs the most widely used "Chinese Union Version (CUV)" with the premiere of the all-new "Chinese Standard Bible (CSB)..

Exploring iPad 2 For Dummies

Get incredible iPad information in a whole new Dummies format

The iPad combines the best of your favorite gadgets into one awesome ultraportable touch device..

Northrop Frye Quote Book

"There is no Canadian writer of whom we can say ... that their readers can grow up inside their work without ever being aware of a circumference..

Fear of Dying

The iconic. bestselling author delivers her first book in ten years and the sequel to the groundbreaking novel..

BellO Sport Earbuds - Lime Green

BellO Digital in-ear headphones are engineered using only the highest quality. light-weight materials with features like tangle-free cords..

Memory's Potlatches

Excerpt from Memory's Potlatches When the minutes of our lives are read the errors and omissions will stand out as do the high lights in paintings..

Lion of Siddhas

Best known as Machig Labdron's teacher. the Indian mahasiddha Padampa Sangye is counted as a lineage guru by all schools of Tibetan Buddhism..

Waging Heavy Peace.

This beautiful limited edition will be signed by Neil Young and repackaged in a slip case and linen cover. Only 1.500 copies will be printed. making it an essential addition to every music lover s collection..

A Reason to Believe

"I've simply seen too much goodness in this country--and have come so far in my own journey--not to believe in those ideals..

The Fame Game

Madison Parker made a name for herself as best frenemy of girl-next-door-turned-reality-celeb Jane Roberts in the L..

Brewster (MA) (Images of America)

In 1803. the North Parish of Harwich voted to become the town of Brewster in honor of Elder William Brewster. one of the most distinguished and revered Pilgrims of the Mayflower..

The Pig Day Book

The Pig Day Book is a celebration of all things porcine. For centuries pigs have been tarnished with the somewhat unfair reputation of being dirty and stupid..

Plant Transposable Elements

Transposable elements are short lengths of DNA with the capacity to move between different points within a genome..

The Crank Trilogy : Crank; Glass; Fallout

The complete "New York Times" bestselling Crank trilogy is now available with exclusive bonus content.

This boxed set makes a perfect gift and features trade paperback editions of "Crank..

Chemistry of the Climate System

Climate change is a major challenge facing the modern world. The chemistry of air and it's influence on the climate system forms the main focus of this monograph..

Thai Massage and Shiatsu Body Massage

This unique book offers the best of two distinct but complementary bodywork techniques. Both Thai massage and shiatsu rebalance the body's energy through targeted pressure and careful stretching..

Unofficial Doctor Who

Whovians rejoice. Blogtor Who is back...Known for his popular lists. Cameron K. McEwan. author of The Who's Who of Doctor Who. is back with a book that compiles loads of fun facts and never-before-heard tidbits about the Whoniverse..

The Vampire Archives

The Vampire Archives is the biggest. hungriest. undeadliest collection of vampire stories. as well as the most comprehensive bibliography of vampire fiction ever assembled..

Chicka Chicka ABC

What We're Reading Now:

"No matter how old you are. you will love this book. It is cute and funny and makes the alphabet fun..

The Timeless Land

First published in 1941. Eleanor Dark's classic novel of the early settlement of Australia is a story of hardship. cruelty and danger..

Gumy Ear Bud Headphone Blue

Oval form soft rubber body for comfortable fit

Bass boosting earpiece

Powerful sound with 13.5mm Neodymium driver unit

3.3ft (1.0m) color cord with nickel.


Spivvy Poohead is the prime minister elected In the Zootopian kingdom of mUGH- As a gadfly he is ego-directed And he thrives on a love-me drug..

Managing Natural Resources

Natural resource management and sustainable development has. of late. assumed great importance. especially because of ecological crisis and environmental dangers which are looming large..

A Grace and Prayer for Caila

A GRACE FOR CAILA by Liz LaMac I was having tea with my Great Granddaughter Caila. She was 5 years old. I asked Caila if she wanted to say the grace before we ate..

Structural Mechanics

A successful and widely adopted text for first year students of engineering and building. This second edition has been extended to cover the major part of the structural mechanics/analysis syllabuses of most civil engineering courses up to the end of second year level..

Profitable Plumbing

Many plumbers work hard their whole lives without making the profit that they deserve. Most have never had any real training in how to deal with customers or how to sell products to make a better profit..


A Classic Board Book edition of the bestselling and irresistible ZooBorns". Pulled from the pages of the wildly popular ZooBorns blog..

Dwarf Hamster

At roughly 50% the size of conventional hamster breeds. Dwarf Hamsters can make excellent pets for people who need a low-maintenance companion with a big personality..

With Them Goes Light Bobbee

Hard fighting with the Light Infantry at Delhi The author of this book. a young ensign aged just nineteen years old when the events he describes were experienced..

Swimming Workouts

This book contains a selection of workouts from an experienced master swimmer. It is intended for those who want to keep in shape and possibly compete in USMS Nationals like its author..

Photoshop Elements 7 for Dummies

Photoshop Elements lets you edit and enhance your digital photographs and images with professional quality tools. Whether you're a professional photographer or a beginner..

The Unfinished Nation

Known for its clear narrative voice and impeccable scholarship. Alan Brinkley's best-selling survey text invites students to think critically about the many forces that continually create the Unfinished Nation that is the United States..

World's Smallest Walkie Talkie

The World's Smallest Walkie Talkies are ideal for your little investigators. Kid-sized yet totally high-tech. these walkie talkies can be used to talk or to exchange morse code (instructions included)..

Day of the Djinn Warriors

From the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author P. B. Kerr. comes the fourth volume in this exceptional. imaginative adventure series about a brother and sister who discover they are djinns..

Murder, Plain and Simple : Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Series, Book 1

From Isabella Alan comes the first in a new series set in Ohio's Amish country. Angie inherits her aunt's quilt shop..

I Love Charts

Charts can be informative. illuminating. humorous. or poignant. I Love Charts: The Book compiles the best unseen charts from the widely successful Internet blog into one annotated collection..

A Pig, a Fox, and a Box

In the style of Mo Willems. Jonathan Fenske tells three humorous stories of two friends. Pig and Fox. and their shenanigans with a cardboard box (all of which involved Pig accidentally crushing Fox in the box)..

Garlic, Mint, and Sweet Basil

Available for the first time in English in Howard Curtis's brilliant translation this collection of personal essays shows Izzo at his most contemplative and insightful..

Writing Without a Parachute

In Writing Without a Parachute: The Art of Freefall. respected writing teacher Barbara Turner-Vesselago shows both beginning and experienced writers how to get the thinking mind to step aside..

The Shepherd's Crown

"The Shepherd's Crown" is Pratchett's final work and will be the fifth book in the bestselling Tiffany Aching Series set in DiscWorld.


Knights of Sidonia: Vol. 3

In his follow up from the hit Biomega series. Tsutomu Nihei tackles the world of hard science-fiction by creating a modern space comedy inspired by the genre hits from his youth..

The Art of Science

Science is about discovery. a journey towards knowledge. With authors as diverse as Galileo and Lewis Carroll. the extracts featured in this anthology span centuries and continents- they include startling revelations that changed the way we think and tackle more prosaic questions such as why the sea is salty- they consider the natural beauty of the snowflake and the man-made wonder of the first computer..

Skewb Xtreme

Skewbs are the brainchild of Tony Fisher and Uwe Meffert. Classic cube enthusiasts will delight in finding new strategies to tackle more sides..

Daphnis Et Chloe

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important. and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it..

Codenames Game

Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise and challenging game play. Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents..

Ashtanga Yoga [Spanish]

"Ashtanga Yoga" is a comprehensive. detailed account of the famous methods taught by Pattabhi K. Jois. one of the greatest yoga masters of our time. Written and designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners..

Mary Mehan Awake

The close of the Civil War finds Mary Mehan as emotionally traumatized asthe demobilized soldiers around her. and she must begin a journey of emotionaland physical renewal..

The Art of Death Midwifery

Winner of the 2009 USA Best Books Award and the 2010 International Book Award. The Art of Death Midwifery: An Introduction and Beginner's Guide..

Follow Your Heart Lapdesk

Create a stylish and functional work space anywhere with this portable lap desk. Features a soft beaded pillow that conforms to your lap..

Evolution Is Not Science

Science proves that ancient Bible scriptures accurately described the creation sequence of the universe and major groups of living organisms..

Permanent Present Tense

In 1953. 27-year-old Henry Gustave Molaison underwent an experimental "psychosurgical" procedure--a targeted lobotomy--in an effort to alleviate his debilitating epilepsy..

Duppy Stories

A collection of supernatural stories from Jamaica featuring ghosts. gremlins and rolling calves. Some are 'true'. some sinister. some amusing..

A Splendid Friend, Indeed

Stunning illustrations capture the exasperation of Bear. whose solitary reading and writing are continually interrupted by persistent Goose..

LEGO City Race Boat 60114

Rev up the engines in the Race Boat and get ready for the big race. Skim over the water as fast as you can. but look out for the buoys ahead. Race to win in LEGO City..

The Choice

#1 New York Times bestseller Nicholas Sparks turns his unrivaled talents to a new tale about love found and lost. and the choices we hope we'll never have to make..

The story begins when Susan Simmons returns to school from spring vacation. Susan has been looking forward to the big class play her teacher has been planning..

Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out for

Toni and Clarice are having a baby. and Alison Bechdel -- the lesbian community's premier visual archivist -- is right there to record the blessed event Her fifth cartoon collection gives new meaning to rituals like baby showers..

Architecture and the Text

In this profoundly original book. Jennifer Bloomer addresses important philosophical questions concerning the relation between writing and architecture..

Shaping the Spiritual Life of Students

Alberto is an energetic. people-pleasing eighth grader. He seems to have it all--from the junior high varsity team to his family's beautiful new home to leadership in his youth group..

Physiology of Behavior Plus MyPsychLab With Pearson eText

This package includes a physical copy of Physiology of Behavior. 11/e by Carlson as well as access to the eText and MyPsychLab. Your instructor will need to provide you with a course ID in order for you to access the eText and MyPsychLab..

Al Capone Does My Homework

Alcatraz Island in the 1930s isn't the most normal place to grow up. but it's home for Moose Flanagan. his autistic sister. Natalie. and all the families of the guards..

Remarks (Classic Reprint)

Excerpt from Remarks Mr. President. and Ladies and Gentlemen op the Historical Society: I have to thank you for an election to Honorary membership in the Watertown Historical Society..

From the Meadow

For nearly five decades. readers have been enthralled and enchanted by Peter Everwine's calmly dazzling poems. He's never been a writer clearly aligned with any single school or style..

Stroke of Midnight

1001 Dark Nights is a collection of breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic novellas inspired by the exotic tales of "The Arabian Nights." In the original..


A beautifully illustrated book that sensitively looks at the themes of peace and social justice In a perfect world. this book would not exist..

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