MCAT Biology Review

NEW FOR MCAT 2015. Get everything you need to ace the Biology and Biochemistry material on the new MCAT exam..

Riders in the Sky

It is the time of the Millennium. of great battles between good and evil. The hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse herald the last days of Mankind..

Becoming an Orchestral Musician

Becoming an Orchestral Musician takes you on a journey into the musical profession. It is the first comprehensive guide for professional musicians on how to succeed in joining an orchestra or ensemble..

Sams Teach Yourself PCs in 24 Hours

Designed to address the beginning PC purchaser's first-time buying needs. this text tells readers how to interpret advertisements and other such information..

Little Fishers

Excerpt from Little Fishers: And Their Nets Joe Decker gave his chair a noisy shove backward from the table. over the uneven floor..

The First Oregonians

In 1991. the Oregon Council for the Humanities published The First Oregonians. the only single-volume..

Jesus On Our Own Ground

Jesus On Our Own Ground is a synthesis of prevailing historical views on the life of Jesus Christ. examining what is known and generally accepted about the man's life including the process by which he became the prevailing deity of the Roman Empire..

Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 2

Ghouls live among us. the same as normal people in every way except their craving for human flesh. Ken Kaneki is an ordinary college student until a violent encounter turns him into the first half-human half-ghoul hybrid..

Solaris (BFI Film Classics)

Despite being one of Andrei Tarkovsky's most successful films. Solaris (1972) was the one he most disliked. This dismissal of his most generically marked film has often been accepted by those quick to embrace the image of Tarkovsky as a transcendent artist rising above the politics of the Soviet film industry and the trappings of genre to produce personal works of art..

Star Wars : The Force Awakens

#1 "NEW YORK TIMES "BESTSELLER The official novelization of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens. " the blockbuster film directed by J..

Scrying for Beginners

Scrying is the psychological technique of unearthing information by extra-sensory means. It is about clearing your view of the unconscious mind and translating its images..

Stuff I've Been Reading

Stuff I've Been Reading by Nick Hornby - the bestselling novelist's rich. witty and inspiring reading diary. 'Read what you enjoy. not what bores you.' Nick Hornby tells us..


Perfect for extra practice at home or school and during travel or school breaks. Children will love the 140 full-color stickers included in each book..

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work

We spend most of our waking lives at work--in occupations most often chosen by our inexperienced younger selves. And yet we rarely ask ourselves how we got there or what our jobs mean to us..

Crow's Magick

Travel to another time and place where strange planets and empyrean worlds merge with wildlife. cyber-creatures and geometric spirits..

Soul to Soul [Large Print]

From the author of the "New York Times" bestseller "The Seat of the Soul" comes his latest book. a work that answers some of the most fundamental questions about the human spirit..

River of Shadows

"Solnit's best book so far" ("Chicago Tribune") is a boldly original portraitof the proto-inventor of motion pictures..

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

Strap on your exoskeleton and prepare to blast-off on an adventure unlike any other in this. the rocket-ride of a sequel to William A. Hainline's instant cult-classic..

All I Want

From the awesomely. incredibly talented * "New York Times" bestselling author of "Still the One." comes a sexy new Animal Magnetism novel set in Sunshine..

Civic Builders (Builders)

Civic Builders is the latest edition in the successful Builders Series. and contains international coverage of government buildings and city halls..

Suzuki Violin School, Vol 5

The revised edition for Suzuki Violin School. Volume 5 is available. Like the other revised violin books. the music has been edited by the International Violin Committee..

Flame in the Cauldron

Few words entice and incite like the word witchery. Thousands of self-identified witches. pagans. and magical practitioners embrace the word. but seldom go beyond the practice of the well-accepted and learned forms of "traditional" witchcraft to explore the path of old-witchery..

The Night Worker

Night falls. Bedtime comes. Papa kisses Alex good night. Then he puts on his hard hat. He is an engineer..

Crossed Volume 2

In one terrifying moment. civilization crumbled. An outbreak of insanity swept across the planet. turning millions of people into the homicidal maniacs known as "the Crossed..

The Athenian Trireme

Shortly before the launch of the reconstructed Greek warship. Olympias. the first edition of The Athenian Trireme was published..


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This second year of the curriculum series from Karyn Henley includes four 13-week studies of foundational topics that help elementary children build a loving relationship with the Lord..

Have a Hot Time, Hades!

Hades. king of the underworld. reveals the true story behind the myths. When he and his siblings were born. their father Cronus swallowed them whole because of a prophecy that said one of his children would be mightier than he..

The Ice-cream Man

One summer afternoon three boys play a prank on the ice-cream man. This one decision sets into motion a chain of events that will forge a life-long bond..

Fancy Nancy

Nancy. who likes to use fancy words. cannot think of a fancy enough project to commemorate the 100th day of school..

Numerical Analysis

Numerical Analysis. Second Edition. is a modern and readable text. This book covers not only the standard topics but also some more advanced numerical methods being used by computational scientists and engineers--topics such as compression..

The Land of Stories : Beyond the Kingdoms

Fairy tales are just the beginning.

The Masked Man is on the loose in the Land of Stories. and it's up to Alex and Conner Bailey to stop him...except Alex has been thrown off the Fairy Council..

The Tab Book of Arduino Projects

Electronics guru Simon Monk reveals how to create polished Arduino devices that are both fun and functional. The definitive collection of Arduino projects for the hobbyist and experimenter..

Forbidden Fruit

Corinna Chapman. owner of the bakery Earthly delights. detests Christmas. The shoppers are frantic and the heat oppressive in Melbourne. Australia..

Imagine Society

Wellness / Resilience / Poetry / Inspiration / Philosophy / Self-Help Notes for the soul - and for the road - since 2003. (Join or see the page at: https: //www..


Since its purchase in 1604 by Thomas Sackville. 1st Earl of Dorset. the house at Knole. Kent. has been inhabited by thirteen generations of a single aristocratic family..

1001 Football Moments

From the establishment of official rules in 1863 through to its spread to the four corners of the world and the global phenomenon it is today..

Mind/Body Integration

Biofeedback training is a research methodology and training procedure through which people can learn voluntary control over their internal physiological systems..

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive - TMNT Black

For Comic-Con. DST is taking the TMNT back to their comic-book roots with a four-pack of Minimates that depicts the four Turtles in their classic comic book appearances - and in glorious black-and-white..

The Day of the Dead/El Dia de Los Muertos

Readers can follow two children as they celebrate their ancestors on this vibrant holiday. An Author's Note provides additional information about the Day of the Dead..

The Stones of Venice, Volume I

Since the first dominion of men was asserted over the ocean. three thrones. of mark beyond all others. have been set upon its sands: the thrones of Tyre..

Taking Your First Shot

Numbers don't lie- more and more women are purchasing guns and learning to shoot. While shooting used to be a male-dominated sport. women across the country have begun discovering that a trip to the range not only is relaxing..

The 5th Fighter Command in World War II

Since end of WWII the major role played by the 5th Fighter Command in winning the war in the Pacific has been almost totally neglected. Wolf puts the air campaigns into strategic and tactical context..

Knowing Me, Knowing You

1983 - an unforgettable summer of rebellion. first love and shared secrets for four teenage friends and ABBA fans. Three decades on..

Batman : No Man's Land Vol. 2

After suffering a cataclysmic earthquake. the U.S. government has deemed Gotham City uninhabitable and ordered all citizens to leave. It is now months later and those that have refused to vacate 'No Man's Land' live amidst a citywide turf war inwhich the strongest prey on the weak..

The Struggle for Canadian Sport

Canadian sports were turned on their head during the years between the world wars. The middle-class amateur men's organizations which dominated Canadian sports since the mid-nineteenth century steadily lost ground..

Presidential Power

Presidential power is perhaps one of the most central issues in the study of the American presidency. Since Richard E. Neustadt s classic "Presidential Power..

Get into Art Animals

"Get into Art." introduces children to the world of art while encouraging budding artists to develop their own artistic abilities. Accomplished artists..


Determined to overcome a difficult past. Erica Hathaway learns early on how to make it on her own. Days after her college graduation..


Written in the tone of a supportive and savvy friend who just happens to be a top sex expert. this invaluable guide explores:

- Redefining pleasure: why the quest for female orgasms is overhyped-and how to relax and truly enjoy sex..

Sammy C-gull

Sammy iGull is a colourful 16-page book about a little seagull. Written by children 3-8..

Feel Like Going Home

This vivid celebration of blues and early rock 'n' roll includes some of the first and most illuminating profiles of such blues masters as Muddy Waters..

Risk Management in Architectural Design

This book analyzes the risk management process in relation to building design and operation and on this basis proposes a method and a set of tools that will improve the planning and evaluation of design solutions in order to control risks in the operation and management phase..

Devil's Bargain

An all-new Original Series adventure about a Federation mining colony on the verge of destruction and the unlikely solution that could save them from extinction..

Minority Languages in the Linguistic Landscape

Minority Languages in the Linguistic Landscape provides an innovative approach to the written displays of minority languages in public space. It explores minority language situations through the lens of linguistic landscape research..

A Conspiracy Against Obamacare

The debate over the Affordable Care Act was one of the most important and public examinations of the Constitution in our history..

Makerspaces (21st Century Skills Innovation Library

Makers often come together to form communities where they can exchange ideas and equipment. Readers will set foot in some of the world's most interesting makerspaces and see what kinds of tools makers use to create their projects..

Disobedient Objects

Disobedient Objects is about out-designing authority. It explores the material culture of radical change and protest - from objects familiar to many..

The Assassination Option

From the #1 "New York Times"- and "Wall Street Journal"-bestselling author comes the dramatic second adventure in the brand-new Clandestine Operations series about the Cold War..

Active Older Adults

A collection of 15 fitness programmes for older adults. with a full spectrum of approaches to helping people get and stay fit..

Three Roads To Quantum Gravity

It's difficult. writes Lee Smolin in this lucid overview of modern physics. to talk meaningfully about the big questions of space and time..

Language and Communication at Work

With the growing influence of discursive and narrative perspectives on organizing. organizational scholars are focusing increasing attention on the constitutive role that language and communication play in organizational processes..

Mystic Seafood

Every year. hundreds of thousands of people visit Mystic in New England to see the historic boats. tour the 18th-century coastal village - and sample the great seafood..

The Originals : The Rise

Family is power. The Original vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together always. But even when you're immortal..

Not Under My Roof

For American parents. teenage sex is something to be feared and forbidden: most would never consider allowing their children to have sex at home..

The Heads of Severville

This item is non-returnable

Six offbeat. Maine based stories inspired by a lifetime accumulation of dreams. observations. and experiences..

Welcome to Carson Springs

A Hollywood film crew upends life in an idyllic California village in this prequel to the Carson Springs trilogyIn the late 1950s. filmmakers descended on Carson Springs to shoot the movie that made this sleepy Spanish mission town famous..

Show Me the Love!

For content creators and consumers of all genres. styles. and media this book offers a rich resource..

Sweetapolita Bakebook

Paint. doodle. and sprinkle your way to stunning one-of-a-kind sweets. The world of Sweetapolita is sparkly and sprinkly and charming as can be..

Higher Education

'...This book needs to be read by all those concerned with understanding how the new agenda for higher education can be achieved through a renewed focus on its critical purposes' - Studies in Higher Education..

The Complete Ramona Collection

Kids everywhere feel connected to Ramona's unique way of looking at the world as she tries to adjust to new teachers. feels jealous about Susan's curls..

Designing Modern Japan

From woodblock prints and porcelains to Hello Kitty. Issey Miyake and the Honda Civic. Japanese design has indelibly marked our everyday life for the past 150 years..

Acorna's Children

Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough are two of science fiction's favorite authors. Together. they have created the world of Acorna..

River Story

This is the story of a river as it twists and turns. from its source to the sea. It starts no wider then a hand..

The Grass is Singing

The Nobel Prize-winner Doris Lessing's first novel is a taut and tragic portrayal of a crumbling marriage. set in South Africa during the years of Arpartheid..

Quantitative Methods in Criminology

This informative reference volume features the key papers in the growing field of quantitative criminology. The papers provide examples of the importation of statistical methods from other fields to criminology..

Happy Ever After

Dreams are realized in the eagerly-awaited fourth novel in Nora Roberts's Bride Quartet.

As the public face of Vows wedding planning company..

Rudimentary Mechanics

Excerpt from Rudimentary Mechanics: Being a Concise Exposition of the General Principles of Mechanical Science and Their Applications No department of science has probably received more attention from scientific writers than Mechanics..

Beautiful Darkness

Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin. the small Southern town he had always called home. as a place where nothing ever changed. Then he meets mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes..

Milady Standard Nail Technology

Milady Standard Nail Technology. 7th Edition is packed with new and updated information on several important topics including infection control..

White Lies

Petite. thirty-something Clare Lancaster is a gifted psychic and a 'human lie detector.' Over the years she's come to accept that someone with her extraordinary talents is likely to have trouble in the relationship department..


Acclaimed author Stephen King s #1 bestselling time-travel novel soon to be a limited series on Hulu

In Stephen King s most ambitious and accomplished (NPR) and extraordinary ("USA TODAY") #1 "New York Times "bestselling novel..

The Vatican Diaries

The Vatican1000Diaries is an inside look at one of the world's most powerful and mysterious institutions. by John Thavis..

Wide Courses

Sometimes the notion comes to me while I'm talkin' to people that maybe I don't make myself clear. and it's been so for some time now-the things I see in my mind fadin' away from me at times..

India Rubber World

Excerpt from India Rubber World It has been the pleasant task of The India Rubber World. month after month. to record all these and many other elements of growth and progress in the trade..

The Serpent Bride

The land of Tencendor is no more. But not everyone is dead. the land of tencendor is no more. But not everyone is dead. Many Icarii survive in the courts abroad..

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