Adobe InDesign CS5 on Demand

Need answers quickly. Adobe InDesignCS5 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions..

Jet Li (Martial Arts Masters)

These 100 Page Biographies Examine the Lives of the Masters. as Well as the Ancient Martial Arts Discipline and Training They Needed to Become Modern-Day Role Models for Students In the past few years..

Greening the Deserts

This is the inspiring story of two Japanese scientists who set out to transform the world's deserts into farms and forests. Their tale begins with a visit to China's loess desert in 1935 and continues through the present day..

Family Jewels

Stone Barrington is back and better than ever in the newest thriller from the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author.

Stone Barrington s newest client seems to be a magnet for trouble..

Just Listen

This multilayered tale tells the story of a year in the life of a family coming to terms with the imperfections beneath its perfect facade..

Holding Smoke

"An inventive paranormal gambit. a compelling lead character. and a plot that twists and turns through to the last page . . . Holding Smoke stands out as original and inventive..

The Faces of Angels

A sweltering day in Florence. and newly-wed art student Mary Warren breaks away from her tour group in the Boboli Gardens to wander into a shady tunnel of trees..

Garden Fairies

Sixteen ready-to-color illustrations depict irresistible creatures nestling among roses. standing amid a lush growth of iris. posing playfully among buttercups..


Webster- Summit Conference- Chinchilla- De Sade Show. A memorial volume featuring four of the acclaimed playwright's works following his death earlier this year..

City of Glass

Love is a mortal sin. and the secrets of the past are deadly. Plunge into the third installment in the internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments series and prepare to be hooked ("Entertainment Weekly")..

Spenser Hearts St Louis

This title is suitable for children of ages 4 to 8 years. A small dog. Spenser. and his mother explore the history and geography of St Louis..

Written in Stone

Ellery <.DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">Brotherhood - Sabo Figure

New figure from the series Brotherhood.. The 3 brothers-in-law Luffy. Ace and the new character Sabo will appear as a super combinable figure..

Love Your Dog

Find out how to look after a new puppy and what you can do to make it feel safe. Discover the secrets of dog behaviour and learn how to give your dog the best care throughout its life..

Ardennes 1944 : The Battle of the Bulge

The prizewinning historian and bestselling author of "D-Day "and "Stalingrad" reconstructs the Battle of the Bulge in this riveting new account

On December 16..

Quick Crochet Huge Hooks

Giant Hook Know-How 08- Basic Techniques 10- Holding the hook- Tips for giant hooks- Making slip loops..

A John Heskett Reader

A John Heskett Reader brings together key selected writings from the work of the design historian John Heskett. It will be edited and introduced by Clive Dilnot..

Advance Australia Fair

A fresh edition of Australia's National Anthem - beautifully illustrated by well-known Australian artists. In this book ..

Rangers: A History, 1873-2012

The book covers the history of Rangers FC. one of the world's most famous football clubs. from its beginnings on Glasgow Green by four young men in 1873 to the club's disastrous liquidation in 2012..

An Electrifying Michael Vey Boxed Set

All three electrifying books in the "New York Times "bestselling Michael Vey series are available in one boxed set

To everyone at Meridian High School..

Christopher Columbus

In 1492 Christopher Colombus set sail across the Atlantic. on a voyage into the unknown. He was looking for a quicker route to the Indies..

A Guide to Algorithm Design

Providing a comprehensive set of problem studies that builds on the authors' expertise and class-tested material. this useful manual offers a guided exploration of methods and techniques to assess problem complexity in the study and design of algorithms..

Mind-blowing Sex

Confidence. health. and self-knowledge are the keys to a happier sex life--and sex expert Diana Cage is here to teach you how to achieve all three..

Conan Volume 12

New Conan stories from comics legend Brian Wood. continuing the legend begun by Robert E. Howard for a new generation..

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Leadership

Go from being a good manager to an extraordinary leader. If you read nothing else on leadership. read these 10 articles (featuring What Makes an Effective Executive..

Care of Wooden Floors

A bold and brilliant debut from a darkly funny new voice. Oskar is a minimalist composer best known for his piece 'Variations on Tram Timetables'..


For the last five years. Britain has been under the hammer of 'Austerity'. In its name. wages have been frozen. benefits have been slashed and public spending squeezed..

Spell it Out

If it's worth saying. say it with cross stitch. These all-new alphabets set the mood for stitching any thought you'd like to convey..

The Kingdom of the Elves

Sign for FREE EBOOKS in the series on a launch date at The first episode of The Kingdom of the Elves: A Dream of Eternal Ice is always free at http: //pi..

At Home with God

A kneeling bench or kneeler for one person is also called a priedieu. that is to pray to God from the French..

Thinking through the Body

This book provides a richly rewarding vision of the burgeoning interdisciplinary field of somaesthetics. Composed of fourteen wide-ranging but finely integrated essays by Richard Shusterman..

Five Nights at Freddy's Figure Pack

They're all here... for you. This Five Nights at Freddy's 2-Inch Vinyl Figure Set 1 features Foxy. Gold Freddy. Chica. and endoskeleton Freddy..

A Country Dweller's Years

Jessie Kesson is best known for her loosely autobiographical novel The White Bird Passes. first published in 1958. It tells the story of a sensitive child in an Elgin slum..

Crazy Horse

With 270 poems by William Heyen and 33 full-page lithographs by DeLoss McGraw this book is bold. unique. and enlightening. McGraw s paintings are visionary and beautifully attuned to the spirit of Heyen s extraordinary and often mystic poetry..

Plato at the Googleplex

"Imagine that Plato came to life in the twenty-first century and embarked on a multi-city speaking tour. How would he mediate a debate between a Freudian psychoanalyst and a 'tiger mum' on how to raise the perfect child..

Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear

Do you know where elephants live. Or where a koala makes its home. You'll learn about the habitats of these and many other animals as you travel around the world meeting all sorts of creatures in their natural environments..

Campaign Diary

The 2010 federal election campaign had more twists. conspiracies and betrayals than a ripping political thriller..

Conquering the Darkness

Deborah Quinn lived a life many would envy. She was happily married and financially secure with a thriving business. One day. however..

Bioshock Pop! Vinyl - Elizabeth

Elizabeth from the popular Bio Shock Infinite. Freed from captivity by Booker Dewitt. the young Elizabeth makes a fantastic Pop..

The Tree Show: Mark Ryden

Absorbing Roman poet Ovid's tales of transformation in Metamorphosis. and adding his own dash of art historical figuration and contemporary Pop Culture..

The Deep

The third spellbinding story about Sapphy and Conor's adventures in the powerful and dangerous underwater world of Ingo. A devastating flood has torn through the worlds of Air and Ingo..

The Geologist of the Soul

Once. when Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi was still a young Hillel director. he took his students to meet the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe..

Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 3

Ghouls live among us. the same as normal people in every way--except their craving for human flesh. Ken Kaneki is an ordinary college student until a violent encounter turns him into the first half-human half-ghoul hybrid..

Working with Discourse

This second edition of the best-selling textbook "Working with Discourse" has been revised and updated throughout..

Love Is a Choice Workbook

Love Is a Choice Workbook provides a ten-stage plan to help you find healing from the pain that created your codependency and then guides you through the plan using interactive questions..

Linux Annoyances for Geeks

GNU/Linux is an immensely popular operating system that is both extremely stable and reliable. But it can also induce minor headaches at the most inopportune times..

Practical Anatomy

This guide to dissection provides an account of the biological. developmental and systematic foundation of human anatomy..

Feivel's Flying Horses (Elmer Books

A loving father carves carousel horses that resemble members of his family as he saves money to bring them from Europe to America. This book is a work of historical fiction based on the stories of Jewish woodcarvers who came from the Old Country and turned their talents to carving carousel horses on Coney Island..

Small Animal Dermatology

"The Veterinary Consult" version of this title provides electronic access to the complete content of this book..

City of Heavenly Fire

Shadowhunters and demons square off for the final showdown in the spellbinding. seductive conclusion to the #1 "New York Times" bestselling Mortal Instruments series..

When I'm Feeling Sad

Strong feelings are hard to cope with at any age. But they are particularly difficult for small children. who have no experience or perspective..

The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

"Raw. dark. and powerful . . . Southern Gothic at its best. "The Homecoming of Samuel Lake" puts one in mind of Erskine Caldwell and Flannery O'Connor..

Library of Piano Favorites - Volume 2

Explore the great masterpieces of all musical ages with a rich selection of classical. ragtime. jazz. blues. and folk music. Pieces include Handel's Largo..

Because We Say So

"Chomsky is a global phenomenon . . . perhaps the most widely read voice on foreign policy on the planet..

Paintball Island

Twelve-year-old Max and his younger sister Marie love having an unspoiled island all to themselves. So when they learn it's being turned into a paintball park..

The Martian's Daughter

Marina Whitman is the daughter and only child of John von Neumann. one of the five Hungarian scientific geniuses dubbed "the Martians" by their colleagues..

Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes

Based on field notes made by Michael Covington throughout his career as an amateur astronomer. this guide covers both the traditional and novel approaches to studying the night sky..

Hot Rods and Cool Rides

Hot Rods and Cool Rides coloring book was drawn in free hand by artist Yvonnie Weaver. In this coloring book are cars and trucks built in the United States of America..

Battlefields in Miniature

Like a good general. a good wargamer should have an eye for the ground. Just as the nature of the battlefield plays a central role in real warfare..

Turf Grass

"The majority of Americans reside in urban or suburban settings where well-maintained turf grass provides numerous aesthetic..

Name 5

Can you name five things that could make a person sneeze. How about five TV dads. Five video games. Vegetables beginning with the letter A..

The Verge Pocket Watch

Following the success of The Pocket Watch. which has helped many people rescue old watches from the drawers in which they have languished..

Demonic Obsession

Second in the Dark Promises series Faced with a killer vampire and a chance meeting with a stranger who leaves her frightened and aroused in equal measures..

Juvenile Sexual Offenders

Clinicians who do not exclusively work with juvenile sexual offenders still need to evaluate and assess risk with sexually reactive children in their practices..

White Roses

White Roses is of a collection of creative works written by Dr. McCaa over a period of years for the glorification of the Lord. The poems are original except for the entries made by Mr..

The Flowers of Evil [FRE]

Judicially condemned in 1857 as offensive to public morality. The Flowers of Evil is now regarded as the most influential volume of poetry published in the nineteenth century..

The Nine Degrees of Autism

The Nine Degrees of Autism presents a much-needed positive tool for understanding the developmental process of autism. and to facilitate the improved mental health and well-being of individuals on the spectrum..

A Winner's Guide to Negotiating

The strategic guide to getting the most out of every negotiation from "the female Jerry Maguire"In a good negotiation. everybody walks away a winner..

Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom is the first tablet to rival the iPad. and no wonder with all of the great features packed into this device. But learning how to use everything can be tricky-and Xoom doesn't come with a printed guide..


This book is filled with eleven fun and exciting pieces for pianists of Grade 2-3 standard (Late Elementary to Early Intermediate level)..

Postcolonial African Writers

This reference book surveys the richness of postcolonial African literature. The volume begins with an introductory essay on postcolonial criticism and African writing..

Blue Remembered Earth

BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH is the first volume in a monumental trilogy tracing the Akinya family across more than ten thousand years of future history ..

Superman: Meteor of Doom

Evil genius Lex Luthor is out to capture a deep space probe. which has gathered a large kryptonite meteor. But Superman has been kept busy protecting the city from a rash of crazy crimes..

Traditional Japanese Music and Musical Instruments

When William Malm published his wide-ranging study of traditional Japanese music in 1959. it was the first time in the twentieth century that such a work had been brought out in a Western language..

"It Happened One Night"

A movie that swept the 1934 Academy Awards and captivated Depression-era America. It Happened One Night challenged the ways Americans imagined marriage..

Managing Tudor and Stuart Parliaments

Bringing together essays from nine established parliamentary scholars. the volume offers new insights and reflections on the management and importance of Parliaments for the effective and smooth running of the state during the Tudor and early Stuart period..

God Created

If we train our children in the ways they should go. when they are old. truth will be so much a part of them they will not turn from it..

Becoming Teddy Roosevelt

When Theodore Roosevelt went into the Maine Woods with legendary Maine guide Bill Sewall. he was a sickly. asthmatic city boy. When he emerged several trips later..


She's no angel . . .

Poor Dru Anderson. Her parents are long gone. her best friend is a werewolf. and she's just learned that the blood flowing through her veins isn..

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