Dancing with Horses

Dominance without punishment. collection without rein pressure. these apparent contradictions are explained as this charismatic new author demonstrates his revolutionary method of teaching and training based upon precisely defined body language..

1, 2, 3 John and Jude (Life Lessons)

The Lucado Life Lessons series continues to be one of the best-selling study guide series on the market today. These brand-new releases will join the ranks of the previously released and repackaged study guides..

Education and International Development

Education is fundamental to every aspect of development and there is widespread support across the world for policies that affirm that all children. regardless of their circumstances..

Last One Home

The first ever stand-alone novel from international bestseller Debbie Macomber. author of Blossom Street Brides and Rose Harbor in Bloom..

Secrets of the Sewing Bee

Orphan Flossy Brown arrives at Trout's garment factory in Bethnal Green amidst the uncertainty of the Second World War. In 1940s London..

Project X

n the wilderness of junior high. Edwin Hanratty is at the bottom of the food chain. His teachers find him a nuisance. His fellow students consider him prey..

Grayson Perry

The Tomb of an Unknown Craftsman is of a treasure hoard from a distinct civilisation. The difference is that it is a civilisation of one..

Chinese Link

"ChineseLink. 2e"provides a practical. learner-centered and enjoyable language and cultural learning experience for beginning students of Chinese..

The Practice of Surgical Pathology

In pathology education within North America. there exists a wide gap in the pedagogy between medical school and residency. As a result..

Advanced Microsoft" Word 2013

Paradigm's Signature Series: Advanced Microsoft Word 2013: Desktop Publishing text offers comprehensive instruction and practice with illustrated..

LEGO City Fire Starter Set 60106

Get into the firefighting action on land and water with the LEGO City Fire Starter Set. featuring a fire hovercraft with a turning propeller..


The 3rd edition of Seeds: The Ecology of Regeneration in Plant Communities highlights the many advances in the field of seed ecology and its relationship to plant community dynamics that have taken place in recent years..

Cross-cultural Business Behavior

This is the second edition of a practical guide for international business people who sell. manage and negotiate across cultures. Part One organizes international business customs and practices into logical patterns so as to enable the international manager to conduct business safely around the world..

Songs of Kabir

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). the first non-European to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature (1913)..

The Columbus Affair

An all-new cast of characters in a standalone thriller from the New York Times bestselling writer. Tom Sagan is staring down the barrel of a gun - literally..

Art of War for Zombies

They walk among us: The Living. They seek to vanquish us. And we bite back. Still. every Zombie needs support..

Gumy Sport Ear Bud with Mic/Remote - Blue

The HA-ENR15 Gumy Sport is the perfect headphone for any activity. It is secure fitting. sweat-proof and colorful -ideal for working out. The one-button mic/remote is compatible with iOS..

Pictopia Trivia Game - Disney Edition

Discover playful trivia spanning decades of Disney magic. from animated classics and blockbuster movies. to television hits and dazzling theme park destinations..

Broken Promises

With more than 30 years of experience in the fields of applied anthropology and international health. former Harvard AIDS Prevention Project Director Edward Green calls for new emphasis on promoting sexual fidelity in Africa and the developing world's battle against AIDS..

Spark Cool Cats Coloring Book

Get ready for the coolest cats around Thirty inspiring illustrations feature curious felines catching fish. chasing butterflies. playing with balls..

Gods and Kings

In Gods and Kings Dana Thomas. author of Deluxe. tells the story of how John Galliano and Alexander McQueen changed the face of fashion..

Therapeutic Uses of Rap and Hip-Hop

In perceiving all rap and hip-hop music as violent. misogynistic. and sexually charged. are we denying the way in which it is attentive to the lived experiences..

R is for Ricochet

Kinsey Millhone meets her match in the stunning new mystery Kinsey Millhone. employed by Nord Lafferty to drive his daughter home from her incarceration at the Californian Institute for Women..

Red Velvet Revenge

From the "New York Times "bestselling author... It may be summertime. but sales at Fairy Tale Cupcakes are below zero--and owners Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura are willing to try anything to heat things up..

Sparse Image and Signal Processing

This book presents the state of the art in sparse and multiscale image and signal processing. covering linear multiscale transforms. such as wavelet. ridgelet..

Maeve's Times

Before she was a bestselling novelist. Maeve Binchy started out as a columnist for "The Irish Times." Her articles focused on the famous and the obscure alike were filled with the warmth..

Cars (Mean Machines)

These action-packed books are a little boy's dream. Turn the pages to reveal a pop-up vehicle that springs to life before your eyes..

The Hour of Magic (Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy #8)

I. Geronimo Stilton. was amazed to find myself called back to the Kingdom of Fantasy for another adventure. Blossom. Queen of the Fairies. needed my help -- time itself was under threat

Something evil was making the hands of the magical Tick Tock Timepiece spin faster and faster..

Making a Market for Acts of God

Reinsurance is a financial market that trades in the risk of unpredictable and devastating disasters - such as Hurricane Katrina. the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami..


The second book in the "New York Times" bestselling Jeter Publishing imprint. "Hit

A Study in Legal History: v. 2

When Lord Denning died in 1999. the leader writer of the "Daily Telegraph" wrote of 'a deep and almost tangible 'Englishness' which 'shone through many of Lord Denning's celebrated judgments..

Making Trouble

"Valerio. you're a natural born trouble-maker. Just make sure you make trouble for the right reasons." Expelled from secondary school with these words ringing in his ears..


"Three hundred years ago. the good citizens of Sanctuary believed there was a Witch in their midst...".

A History of the Yale Law School

The entity that became the Yale Law School started life early in the nineteenth century as a proprietary school. operated as a sideline by a couple of New Haven lawyers..

The Japanese Art of Reiki

Reiki techniques originated in Japan. in an intensely spiritual period of that country's history. This fully illustrated book traces the system's evolution from a spiritual self-development system to a direct hands-on practice..

Most Wanted - Autographed Copy

Spellbinding. Another "tour de force "from Scottoline. It drew me in. in a single breath. Mary Kubica. bestselling author of "The Good Girl"

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The Summer House

In the small inlaid wooden box. Matt's mother had kept all his childhood memories. Amongst them are many photos of Matt as a child..

Girls Will be Girls

Emer O'Toole once caused a media sensation growing her body hair and singing 'Get Your Pits Out For The Lads' on national TV. You might think she's crazy - but she has lessons for us all..


Reckoning is the third book in the Detective Bobby Mac Thriller series. returning Detective Bobby Mac to the streets of Denver. It's been ten years since facing the loss of his brother..

Motocourse Annual

Crammed with awesome pictures and insight from riders. it s the definitive review. Motor Cycle News The most important record of racing since before I was born..

Hard Luck

The story of boxing legend Jerry Quarry comes to life--from his days as the child of an abusive father in the California migrant camps to those as the undersized heavyweight slaying giants on his way to multiple title bouts and the honor of being the World's Most Popular Fighter from 1968-1971..

Explore Ancient Greece!

This book is suitable for ages 7 to 9 years. From the Olympics and Sparta to the Trojan Horse and the birth of democracy..

Joni Eareckson Tada

The themes of the second book in this series are Missionary tales and remarkable conversions. Other themes covered in the series are Living for God and the value of scripture Missionary Tales and Remarkable Conversions- Honouring God and Dramatic Deliverances- Faithful Witnesses and Childhood Faith..

Manual of Chess

One of the great chess masters shares his secrets in this guide for intermediate and advanced players..

Boat Improvement Bible

"The Boat Improvement Bible" is the most up to date. user friendly and hands-on practical manual for boatowners who wish to improve their sailboat or motorboat..

A Certain Age

New York in the Roaring Twenties - a time for love. secrets and scandal...As the freedom of the Jazz Age transforms New York City. the iridescent Mrs Theresa Marshall of Fifth Avenue - a beautiful socialite of a certain age - has done the unthinkable: she's fallen in love with her young lover..


A lyrical work of stunning creative vision. "Mirror Mirror" is set in Renaissance Italy. where Gregory Maguire draws a connection between the poison apple in the original Snow White story and the Borgia family's well-known appetite for poisoning its foes..

Wrong Place Wrong Time

#1 Amazon.com bestseller in True Crime (Kindle). 2014 Having lost everything. I leave memories of a London police cell behind me and head for Spain with its promise of adventure and fun..

Death Comes to Pemberley

In their six years of marriage. Elizabeth and Darcy have forged a peaceful. happy life for their family at Pemberley. Darcy s impressive estate..

Childhood Leukemia

This most complete parent guide covers not only detailed and precise medical information about leukemia and the various treatment options..


It starts on a summer evening. with the kind of magic found only in Paris. Once a year in the City of Light..

Speaker's Lifetime Library

Loaded with definitions. quotations. anecdotes. interesting facts. and memorable dates. this book has something for everyone. Stop wracking your brain for the right words and cross-checking every encyclopedia..

The Gabriel Hounds

It's all a grand adventure when Christy Mansel unexpectedly runs into her cousin Charles in Damascus. And being young. rich. impetuous..

Trail Guide to Northern Colorado

Northern Colorado offers an exhilarating blend of recreational activities and beauty from alpine meadows and wild canyons to hike and bike to dark mossy forests and sage brush meadows to ski..

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

The now widely known Map of Calibrated Levels of Consciousness was presented in Power vs Force in 1995 and has been translated into all the world's major languages..

Expressions of Cambodia

Taking a theoretical and multidisciplinary perspective. the essays in this collection provide compelling insight into contemporary Cambodian culture at home and abroad..

The Last Romantic

Few books have made so great an impact. political or literary. as Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front. the most famous of all anti-war novels..

What Happened to Goodbye

A "New York Times" bestseller

A new day. A new place. A new life.

In the past few years. Mclean has pretended to be so many different people that she hardly remembers who she really is anymore..

Iincwadi Zezandla Ezincani Zeentsana 1 [XHO]

Little hands books for babies are a series of board books specially designed to promote and nurture reading from early childhood. This is the first box set of four from Jacana Media and the Little Hands Trust..

Never Cry Wolf (Non-fiction)

From ancient times. wolves have been mythologised as ferocious and predatory beasts. In Never Cry Wolf conservationist Farley Mowat sets out to correct the stereotypes..

Cursed by Fire: The Immortal Brothers

From New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank comes the scorching hot first book in a thrilling new series featuring four warrior brothers who have the power-and the curse-of immortality..

Corsair (Oregon Files)

Corsairs are pirates. and pirates come in many varieties. There are the pirates who fought in the sea off the Barbary Coast in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries..

Still Falling

'The rain was still falling. but the dark had parted - ' F Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby Luke falls. He has epilepsy. And. as it turns out..

Gender in Interaction

In this volume. gender is seen as a communicative achievement and as a social category interacting with other social parametres such as age..

Textual Possessions

'Textual Possessions' brings together three long sequences of poems: 'In the Present Historic Tense'. 'An Encounter Upon the Beach at Minehead With the Prince of This World'..

Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants

Comprehensive in scope. yet easy to read. this trusted resource is all you need to prepare for success in nurse assisting. This engaging text highlights the teamwork and communication vital to your role on the nursing team..

Research into Practice

The need for all health care professionals to develop research appreciation skills has been recognized and emphasized. Otherwise..


Covers health benefits. postures. branches of yoga. safety tips. the sun sequence. warm-ups. standing and side-bend. and inverted and back bend postures..

Chiang Kai Shek

With a narrative as briskly paced and vividly detailed as an international thriller. this definitive biography of Chiang Kai-shek masterfully maps the tumultuous political career of Nationalist China's generalissimo as it reevaluates his brave but unfulfilled life..

Doctor Who Tardis Ornament

Spend the holidays with Doctor Who and this incredible Doctor Who holiday ornament. Ever want to celebrate the season with the good Doctor Who..

The Woman and the Sage

Excerpt from The Woman and the Sage The Woman And The Sage A Baleful hollow tree-besprentWhere wailing willows spake their woes..

Walden Pond: A History

Perhaps no other natural setting has as much literary. spiritual. and environmental significance for Americans as Walden Pond..

A Ring of Endless Light

After a tumultuous year in New York City. the Austins are spending the summer on the small island where their grandfather lives..

Roman Blood

In Rome. 80 BC. a young orator and advocate named Cicero hires Gordianus the Finder to investigate the charges behind his first important case..

McCarthy's Bar

"Today. West Cork is a glamorous destination. a haven for upmarket tourists. but in the 1950s it was the arse end of the back of beyond - and that may be talking it up"..

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