Beyond Conversion and Syncretism

The globalization of Christianity. its spread and appeal to peoples of non-European origin. is by now a well-known phenomenon..

Crazy Love

In this gripping. compulsively readable story of romantic love and its dreadful underside (Susan Cheever)..

The Lost and the Blind

This gripping Irish thriller is an intriguing new departure for comic noir writer Declan Burke. "A dying man. if he is any kind of man..

The Life of Mohammad the Prophet of Allah

Excerpt from The Life of Mohammad the Prophet of Allah An existence. so full of stirring events as that of the Prophet Mohammad. cannot be described by us in all its details..

The Oxford Handbook of Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders

Inspired by the increasing need to consider developmental factors in understanding the etiology and treatment of mental diseases. The Oxford Handbook of Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders: Developmental Perspectives takes an innovative approach to topics surrounding eating disorders in children and early adolescents..

Poems of Personality

Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition)..

Salt Marsh Diary

"NPR contributor and nature writer Mark Seth Lender chronicles the daily life of a salt marsh near his home

"Mark Seth Lender's home is on the edge of a salt marsh..

Miles Apart

He lost his family.and gained a rivalTwenty-five years ago Jack Dolman's life shattered the day his wife left him-and took their four-year-old son..

Sgt. Janus, Spirit-Breaker

HERE BE GHOSTS Situated in the rural back country of Edwardian England is an old. mysterious house whose unique owner earns his living as a Spirit-Breaker..

How to Talk to a Widower

The acclaimed author of "The Book of Joe" and "Everything Changes" tackles love. lust. and loss in the suburbs. in a stunning novel that is by turns heartfelt and riotously funny..

The Secret Kitten

Lucy can't help but feel lonely when she and her brother move in with their gran. leaving behind their old friends. Lucy wishes she could have a pet. but Gran isn't keen on animals..

When I Was Cool

Follows the author's apprenticeship to Allen Ginsberg and the other members of the Beats at the "Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics..

The Valley Forge Forgeries

Excerpt from The Valley Forge Forgeries I understand that Gen. Smith's son is living and is known to you. He will not..

Dangerous Memories

Elizabeth Johnson takes the 13 gospel appearances of Mary of Nazareth and creates a rich. deep Marian identity from this complex mosaic..

Young MacDonald Had a Farm

Old MacDonald has retired and gone on holiday to Paris. Luckily. Young MacDonald has lots of modern machinery to help him on the family farm..

Out of the Black

To keep the light of his life. he ll have to do some dark things.

After Matt Caine loses his wife in a car accident..

Memories of George Best

Two years after his death mystery still surrounds the creative and destructive forces which ruled George Best - the man who..

Windows 7 for Dummies Quick Reference

This handy reference covers all the must-know elements of Windows 7

The much-anticipated Windows 7 operating system brings lots of new elements to Windows..

The Murder House

It has an ocean-front view. a private beach--and a deadly secret that won't stay buried.

No. 7 Ocean Drive is a gorgeous..

Systema Naturae 250 - The Linnaean Ark

The advent of relational data basing and data storage capacity. coupled with revolutionary advances in molecular sequencing technology and specimen imaging..

Leonard Bernstein

One of the most gifted. celebrated. scrutinized. and criticized musicians in the second half of the twentieth century..

Metatheory and Interviewing

Metatheory and Interviewing: Harm Reduction and Motorcycle Safety in Practice describes and applies a unique approach for advancing harm reduction theory..

Birds, Beasts and Flowers

This is a faithful reproduction of Lawrence's first great experiment in free verse. It includes lines previously censored for being "indecent". as well as following Lawrence's original sequence..


You may love to make your friends and family laughbut have you ever thought of making laughter your job. While many people love to laugh at their favorite comedians..

Then We'll Sing Hosanna

for SATB. clarinet (or C instrument). and piano or harp This arrangement of an American Revivalist hymn sees a flowing piano/harp part and instrumental obbligato combine with voices in one to eight parts..

The Telephone Systems of the Continent of Europe

Excerpt from The Telephone Systems of the Continent of Europe During the discussion on the existing state and future conduct of telephony in the United Kingdom which have taken place pretty continuously during the last few years..

Popular China

The contributors to this volume explore the search for meaning among ordinary people in China today. The subjects of these essays span the social spectrum from hip young entrepreneurs to sweatshop workers and homeless beggars..

The Darkest Pleasure

Reyes is a man possessed. Bound by the demon of pain. he is forbidden to know pleasure. Yet he craves a mortal woman..

The Secrets Boxed Set

In early June. 1964. the Benevolent Home for Necessitous Girls burns to the ground and its vulnerable residents are thrust out into the world..

Make Me

#1 "NEW YORK TIMES "BESTSELLER Stephen King calls Jack Reacher the coolest continuing series character and now he s back in this masterly new thriller from Lee Child..

The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences (MITECS)

Since the 1970s the cognitive sciences have offered multidisciplinary ways of understanding the mind and cognition. This reference work aims to represents the methodological and theoretical diversity of this changing field..

British Political History, 1867-2001

This text is a summary of major political developments in British history of the last 140 years. The growth of democracy and the growth in the power of the state in the late 19th and early 20th century are outlined against a background of party politics..

Mysterious Gloucestershire

This richly illustrated A-Z of Gloucestershire's towns and villages contains manifold mysteries of every kind. There are many places in the region that might be termed mysterious..

Student Dictionary French English

Already a best-selling title in France. the Larousse School Dictionary: French-English / English-French is filled with all the same in-depth features as the Spanish School Dictionary..

My Wild Family

Sometimes there's more to family than meets the eye...Animals of all kinds take centre stage in this unique exploration of a very unusual family. An older brother is strong and respected..

Disney's Cinderella Necklace

Necklace featuring Cinderella and her Prince Charming. Displays the saying "So this is love." across the top of the pendant.


Something About the Animal

In Something About the Animal. Cathy Stonehouse's first collection of short fiction. the world keeps coming apart at the seams: these are stories of imminent and often destructive crisis..

Demersal Fish

Demersal fish live on or near the bottom of the sea or lakes. They occupy the sea floors and lake beds. which usually consist of mud..

Historical Dictionary of Lutheranism

The second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Lutheranism presents information on major theological issues. historical developments of Lutheranism worldwide..

Toddy Microfiber Smartcloth - Zin Zin

Nothing says ?I love my e-gadget? quite like a bouquet of fresh blooming zinnias and maybe a big fat juicy kiss. Just don?t kiss the keypad ? ew.

The Toddy Microfiber Smartcloth eliminates dirt..

My Little Pony : The Reason for the Season

Hearth's Warming Eve is a very special time when ponies gather to honor the founding of Equestria. However. when Applejack's and Pinkie Pie's families celebrate the holiday together..

Music in the Moment

"Jerrold Levinson's new book. Music in the Moment. makes a major contribution to the now flourishing field of philosophy of music. He has a daring thesis about music listening that is going to shake up the experts..

More Let's Cut Paper!

Mastering scissors is an important part of developing fine motor control. This book begins with simple one stroke cuts and progresses to more complicated art projects..

Colin Goes Bush

Here we revisit the appealing Colin Kennedy (ecowarrior) and his zany family. (Colin first appeared in Recycled - There's Dad the lawn mowing business owner..

Moby-Dick in Pictures

Inspired by one of the world's greatest novels. Ohio artist Matt Kish set out on an epic voyage of his own one day in August 2009. More than one hundred and fifty years following the original publication of Moby-Dick..

Rock Guitar Heroes

Featuring over 180 of the world's greatest guitar superstars. Rock Guitar Heroes is a definitive guide to those guitarists whose talents helped change the face of music forever and touched the lives of millions..

In the Cafe of Lost Youth

Four narrators. a student from a cafe. a private detective hired by an aggrieved husband. the heroine herself and one of her lovers..

Word Puzzles (Puffin Books)

More than 80 puzzles including word scrambles. letter searches. anagrams. opposites. letter codes. criss-crosswords and many more mind-stretching puzzles..

The Promise of Amazing

Robin Constantine's New Jersey romance The Promise of Amazing is a sexy. poignant. funny. and authentic debut novel that will appeal to fans of books by Stephanie Perkins..


Whatever happens to a dream destroyed. In this authors opinion. you write about it. Aspiring Hip Hop artist and founder of the group Dahavknotz (the have nots) turned author..

Untitled #14

An invaluable CIA asset has gone missing. and with him. secrets that in the wrong hands could prove disastrous. The only question is: Can Mitch Rapp find him first..

Garfield Takes His Licks

The Garfield Classics series collects the early years of the Garfield comic strip in a larger. full-color format. Garfield may have gone through a few changes..

Andrew Lost with the Bats

Thanks to an invention mishap. Andrew. Judy. and Thudd have been shrunk down to the size of bugs. That's a serious problem when they get lost in a deep..

Yellow Brick War - Autographed Copy

In this third book in the New York Times bestselling Dorothy Must Die series. new girl from Kansas Amy Gumm is caught between her home-and Oz..

Army Field Manual FM 21-76

"Army Field Manual FM 21-76 (Survival. Evasion. and Recovery)" is the United States Army's official guide to survival..


1984 has come and gone. but George Orwell's prophetic. nightmare vision in 1949 of the world we were becoming is timelier than ever..

Don't Go

Bestselling author Lisa Scottoline has thrilled millions with her emotionally-charged novels that feature strong women exploring the boundaries of family..

The Secret Life of Decisions

Making decisions is a critical part of every executive's job. However we know so little about the often subliminal processes that shape the decisions we make..


Filled with real-life e-mail success (and horror) stories and a wealth of entertaining examples. "Send" reveals the hidden minefields and pitfalls of e-mail..

The Doctrine of the Sufis

This reissue of the English translation of a classic Arabic text in the history of Sufism. the mystical aspect of Islam..

Chindia Rising

Advance Praise Eye opener. Shifted my thinking about China and India's global impact. Philip Kotler. Ph D S. C..

Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management

An explosion of interest in the applications of hypnosis for clinical problems. especially pain. has led to a wide accumulation of research on hypnosis as a viable..

An Old Testament Theology

The Old Testament is more than a religious history of the nation of Israel. It is more than a portrait gallery of heroes of the faith. It is even more than a theological and prophetic backdrop to the New Testament..

Fire Touched

Mercy Thompson has been hailed as a heroine who continues to grow and yet always remains true to herself..

Topological Analysis

This monograph is an introduction to some special aspects of topology. functional analysis. and analysis for the advanced reader..

Landscapes in the Early 1990s

From 1900-1930. the "gauchos." or gypsy cowboys. of Argentina produced thousands of documentary photographs of the national landscape as they roamed the plains and settled virgin territories..

Alice in Wonderland

Enjoy the classic story of Alice in Wonderland in a beautiful padded hardback with stunning foiled cover. Join Alice as she follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and enters a world full of amazing and wonderful creatures..

Life on the Edge

Life is the most extraordinary phenomenon in the known universe- but how did it come to be. Even in an age of cloning and artificial biology..

The Street and Other Stories

Ten years ago. this book of short stories was considered to pose such a threat to Ireland's national security that advertising its existence was banned by the Irish broadcasting authorities and the High Court..

Fantastic Planet Wood Free Colored Pencils

You won't find any wood in these pencils because Fantastic Planet is good for the planet. Fantastic Planet Colored Pencils are made with plastic barrels instead of wood so no trees were harmed when making these pencils..

Birds Set

picture books in this set are each fictional stories with nature

Babar Wooden Magnetic Shapes

Create all sorts of scenes with Mudpuppy Babar wooden magnetic sets. colourful wooden magnets show Babar. his family. friends..

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand

Already the alpha pair of Denver's werewolf pack. Kitty and Ben now plan to tie the knot human-style by eloping to Vegas..

Mirror Sight

Karigan G'ladheon is a Green Rider - a seasoned member of the royal messenger corps whose loyalty and bravery have already been tested many times..

Beautiful Moon

There are so many things to do every day that it's hard to find time to do them all. But what if days could go on forever..

Business Guide to Japan

Conducting business in Japan: a delicate and valuable skill is explained by a true master of Japanese culture. Not only is Japan the world's third largest economy..

The Cutting Garden

Aimed at everyone who loves flowers and wants to fill their home with colour and scent. this book combines advice with innovative ideas for floral arrangements created with garden-grown flowers..

Micronesia and Palau

Micronesia and Palau have long been known to diving enthusiasts for some of the most intriguing and spectacular dive spots on earth..

A Heart Is Not Judged Tray

This glass trinket tray is the perfect gift for your favorite loved one. The tray features a popular quote and is boxed for easy gift giving.


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